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 T-number  Year  Names  Admin
T1734/13 2014 VORSTER JACO Lizette Opperman
T2639/13 2014 VORSTER JACOBA MARIA Lizette Opperman
M63/2005 2005 VORSTER JOHANNES & TERESA Deidre Basson
T3221/16 2017 VOS BOUERS EN SEMENT HANDELAARS CC Kobus van der Westhuizen
G654/2017 2017 VOSSIE'S TRADING CC Kobus van der Westhuizen
G639/2016 2016 VOYAGER CANOPIES (PTY) LTD Hannes Beetge
T0606/13 2014 VREY JOHANNA JACOBA Lizette Opperman
T4151/2015 2015 VROEGBEGIN BOERDERY (PTY) LTD Hannes Muller / Alta van Wyk
T1112/2015 2018 VS CHROME (PTY) LTD Hannes Muller / Alta van Wyk
C432/2015 2015 VUTHIWE TRADING 22 CC Alta Van Wyk

Page 201 of 207 Results 2001 - 2010 of 2068

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We specialise in the Administration of Insolvent Estates, Liquidations, Liquidation of Close Corporations and Companies at CIPC as well as administration of NPA matters.

We have extensive experience in the trading of companies in liquidation, in lieu of saving jobs and disposing of companies as going concerns. Our professionals take appointments in various statutes and we also have experience in implementing schemes of arrangement in terms of Section 155 of the Companies Act 2008.


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